Minggu, 30 Desember 2012


Uhm Resolution ??

I am not pretty sure am I gonna fulfilled it and stay with the plan ,,
But its kinda trend now ,so am gonna make one and work my Ass off till I reached each one of it ! Lol

1, Love my self ,

Next year will be my time to get little more selfish !
Unconditionally love ,,, that's what I needed for my soul , leaving all those peoples who loves me with '' but ''
What it is ??
Well I love you ''but'' I can't stay here now sorry :(
You are my friend ''but '' ,,,,,
I do understand you ,, '' but '' ,,,,,,,,,
Too much but makes my my butt get burnt !! Lol :p

2 Respect my feeling ,

Yup !! Sometimes we think too much about other feeling ,,, but how about our feeling ??
We sacrifice ours for them !! and do they care about our feeling ??? Well I doubt it they do !!
Spending your time to fulfilled some expectations on you ,, totally gonna eat your soul !!

3. More to be Me !

I am gonna try ,, nope !am gonna be more me !
The person who I wanna be , No matter what peoples say ,,, I am me ! And I am proud to be Me !
Even peoples say I am freak , ,,, well that's me ''Take it nor leave it ''

4.Gratefully !

Sometimes we busy to look far beyond the horizon ,, till we are not realize ,, there is a goldmine on the our backyard !!

5. Move on !!

No matter what happen last years ,, am gonna buried all of those fucking pain and trade it with happiness ,,,

6. Life is a bitch and I am that bitch !!

We are the one who define our destiny, we choose our path and final destination it will be ours !!

well that is my resolution ,,
Some peoples might be wanna get maried , have a better job , have a house etc as their resolution ,,,

Me ,,,, I chose to fixed my broken soul first ,,
And maybe ,,, just maybe ,, ''one thing lead to another '' !!

I am sorry for my creepy grammar Lol * just saying :)
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Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

I WANT A DIVORCE ! *Think twice*

This is heart touching stories,,Written by Mr.Rizwan Zamir He is a journalist and my lovely friend also ,,
just takes a few minute of your time , but its worthed

When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I've got something to tell you.
She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes. Suddenly I didn't know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want a divorce.

I raised the topic calmly. She didn't seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why?
I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man !!!!

That night, we didn't talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage.But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer; she had lost my heart to Jane.
I didn't love her anymore. I just pitied her!

With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated that she could own our house,our car, and 30% stake of my company.
She glanced at it and then tore it into pieces. The woman who had spent ten years of her life with me had become a stranger. I felt sorry for her wasted time,resources and energy but I could not take back what I
had said for I loved Jane so dearly.

Finally she cried loudly in front of me, which was what I had expected to see. To me her cry was actually a kind of release. The idea of divorce which had obsessed me for several weeks seemed to be firmer and clearer now.

The next day, I came back home very late and found her writing something at the table. I didn't have supper
but went straight to sleep and fell asleep very fast because I was tired after an eventful day with Jane.
When I woke up, she was still there at the table writing.
I just did not care so I turned over and was asleep again.

In the morning she presented her divorce conditions:
she didn't want anything from me, but needed a month's notice before the divorce.
She requested that in that one month we both struggle to live as normal a life as possible.
Her reasons were simple: our son had his exams in a month's time and she didn't want to disrupt him with our broken marriage.
This was agreeable to me. But she had something more,she asked me to recall how I had carried her into out
bridal room on our wedding day.
She requested that every day for the month's duration I carry her out of our bedroom to the front door every morning. I thought she was going crazy. Just to make our last days together bearable
I accepted her odd request.

I told Jane about my wife's divorce conditions. . She laughed loudly and thought it was absurd.
No matter what tricks she applies, she has to face the divorce, she said scornfully.

My wife and I hadn't had any body contact since my divorce intention was explicitly expressed.
So when I carried her out on the first day, we both appeared clumsy. Our son clapped behind us, daddy is holding mommy in his arms.
His words brought me a sense of pain. From the bedroom to the sitting room, then to the door, I walked over ten meters with her in my arms. She closed her eyes and said softly; don't tell our son
about the divorce. I nodded, feeling somewhat upset. I put her down outside the door. She went to wait for the bus to work.I drove alone to the office.

On the second day, both of us acted much more easily. She leaned on my chest. I could smell the fragrance of her blouse. I realized that I hadn't looked at this woman carefully for a long time. I realized she was not young any more.
There were fine wrinkles on her face, her hair was graying! Our marriage had taken its toll on her.
For a minute I wondered what I had done to her.

On the fourth day, when I lifted her up, I felt a sense of intimacy returning. This was the woman who had given ten years of her life to me.
On the fifth and sixth day, I realized that our sense of intimacy was growing again.I didn't tell Jane about this.

It became easier to carry her as the month slipped by.
Perhaps the everyday workout made me stronger. She was choosing what to wear one morning. She tried
on quite a few dresses but could not find a suitable one.
Then she sighed, all my dresses have grown bigger. I suddenly realized that she had grown so thin, that was
the reason why I could carry her more easily.
Suddenly it hit me... she had buried so much pain and bitterness in her heart.
Subconsciously I reached out and touched her head. Our son came in at the moment and said, Dad, it's time
to carry mom out.
To him, seeing his father carrying his mother out had become an essential part of his life.
My wife gestured to our son to come closer and hugged him tightly.
I turned my face away because I was afraid I might change my mind at this last minute.
I then held her in my arms, walking from the bedroom, through the sitting room, to the hallway. Her hand surrounded my neck softly and naturally. I held her body tightly; it was just like our wedding day.
But her much lighter weight made me sad. On the last day, when I held her in my arms I could hardly move a
step. Our son had gone to school. I held her tightly and said, I hadn't noticed that our life lacked intimacy.

I drove to office.... jumped out of the car swiftly without locking the door. I was afraid any delay would make me change my mind...I walked upstairs. Jane opened the door and I said to her, Sorry, Jane, I do not want the divorce anymore.
She looked at me, astonished, and then touched my forehead.
Do you have a fever? She said. I moved her hand off my head. Sorry, Jane, I said, I won't divorce.

My marriage life was boring probably because she and I didn't value the details of our lives, not because we didn't love each other anymore.
Now I realize that since I carried her into my home on our wedding day I am supposed to hold her until death do us apart.

Jane seemed to suddenly wake up. She gave me a loud slap and then slammed the door and burst into tears. I walked downstairs and drove away. At the floral shop on the way, I ordered a bouquet of flowers for my wife.
The salesgirl asked me what to write on the card. I smiled and wrote, I'll carry you out
every morning until death do us apart.
That evening I arrived home, flowers in my hands, a smile on my face, I run up stairs, only to find my wife in
the bed - dead !!!

My wife had been fighting CANCER for months and I was so busy with Jane to even notice !!!
She knew that she would die soon and she wanted to save me from the whatever negative reaction from our son, in case we push through with the divorce.-- At least, in the eyes of our son--- I'm a loving husband....

The small details of your lives are what really matter in a relationship. It is not the mansion, the car, property,
the money in the bank.
These create an environment conducive for happiness but cannot give happiness in themselves.
So find time to be your spouse's friend and do those little things for each other that build intimacy.
Do have a real happy marriage!

#Terkadang perkawinan memang tidak seperti yang kita inginkan, apalagi ketika usia perkawinan mulai menua , semua hanya rutinitas tanpa spontanitas,
SO,, dari pada ke pengadilan buang waktu tenaga dan uang ngurusin haarta gono-gini hak asuh and tetek bengek lainya,
Tak ada salahnya kita menengok kebelakang ,mengingat memory dulu sewaktu masih pacaran di mana dunia hanya milik anda berdua dan yang lain cuma ngontrak ,, wkwkwk :p

Tak ada salahnya juga kita menciptakan kembali memory tersebut di  waktu kini.
Apalagi sekarang kan sudah halal,, so tidak ada lagi hal tabu yang tidak bisa anda lakukan berdua...

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up *just saying :)
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Rabu, 26 Desember 2012


Well well its a little  bit scary,, but we can't get a new one on the store right ? :p
so lets read it and see what we can do for take care our precious brain :) 

1. No Breakfast
People who do not take breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level. This leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain causing brain degeneration.

2. Overeating
It causes hardening of the brain arteries, leading to a decrease in mental power.

3. Smoking
It causes multiple brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer disease.

4. High Sugar Consumption
Too much sugar will interrupt the absorption of proteins and nutrients causing malnutrition and may interfere with brain development.

5. Air Pollution
The brain is the largest oxygen consumer in our body.Inhaling polluted air decreases the supply of oxygen to the brain, bringing about a decrease in brainefficiency .

6. Sleep Deprivation
Sleep allows our brain to rest.. term deprivation from sleep will acceleratethe death of brain cells.

7. Head Covered While Sleeping
Sleeping with the head covered increases the concentration of carbon dioxide and decrease concentration of oxygen that may lead to brain damaging effects.

8. Working Your Brain During Illness
Working hard or studying with sickness may lead to a decrease in effectiveness of the brain as well as damage the brain.

9. Lacking in Stimulating
Thoughts Thinking is the best way to train our brain, lacking in brain stimulation thoughts may cause brain shrinkage.

10. Talking Rarely
Intellectual conversations will promote the efficiency of the brain.

Source : every where ,,,


Selasa, 25 Desember 2012


> 01. Feed him
> 02. Sleep with him
> 03. Leave him in peace
>04. Don't check his phone (Msgs)
... >05. Don't bother him about his movements >06. Honor him
> Whats so hard about that.... ?
It's really not difficult...To make a
happy; a man only needs to be: > 01. a friend
> 02. a companion
> 03. a lover
> 04. a brother
> 05. a father
> 06. a master > 07. a chef
> 08. an electrician
> 09. a carpenter
> 10. a plumber
> 11. a mechanic
> 12. a decorator > 13. a stylist
> 14. a sexologist
> 15. a gynaecologist
> 16. a psychologist
> 17. a pest exterminator
> 18. a psychiatrist > 19. a healer
> 20. a good listener
> 21. an organiser
> 22. a good father
> 23. very clean
> 24. sympathetic > 25. athletic
> 26. warm
> 27. attentive
> 28. gallant
> 29. intelligent
> 30. funny > 31. creative
> 32. tender
> 33. strong
> 34. understanding
> 35. tolerant
> 36. prudent > 37. ambitious
> 38. capable
> 39. courageous
> 40. determined
> 41. true
> 42. dependable > 43. passionate
> 44. give her compliments
> 45. love shopping
> 46. be honest
> 47. be very rich
> 48. not stress her out
> 49. not look at other girls
> 50. give her lots of attention,
> 51. give her lots of time,especially time for herself
> 52. give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT: > 53. Never to forget: >
> * birthdays
> * anniversaries
> * arrangements she makes.......

Now I feel sorry for my hubby !! Lol *just sayin :p

Senin, 24 Desember 2012


My bloody heart!!
Been played by this beauty tears,
to sadd that my heart been trick by this lying tears. Filled of lieds cover with blood,
saddness behind my back got stab by another heart. Paintfully blood of tears drops for like a year,,,
Not by the heart of fear,,,,
but the stolen heart of tears.
Next time I know not to fall in love of them lovely tears!!
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