Rabu, 02 Januari 2013

How to Start my Day !

Hey !!

I started my day with a silly poem
Hot yummy coffee with a creamy foam
Don't think I am tryin to be a poet !
I just miss my pot !! Lol :p

Moving my body like a sneak
Don't u dare to take a peek !
I'am not doing striptease !!
just trying to get my muscle stretched !! >,<

See my self in the mirror Damn I look like mess
remembering mistakes I have been made
Well that was yesterday ! Today is a new day !!
My brain still working well even i am not Einstain

Mr Sun poked me through my window
Alert !! Time to face the world !
apply little make up,,, less is More !
There is lil wrinkle , ,,, that part should be ignore !


# Everything in this world means something ,,,
there is the part you need to fixed of , there is a part you need to leave for,,, and
we made many mistakes ,,,,its fine !!

As long as you realize it and take a lessons from it ,,
But if you have a plan to do same mistake twice !!??
Its positive you are '' DumbAzz '' !! Lol :p

Sorry for my bad creepy grammar ,, !! Lol *just sayin ;)

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