Kamis, 31 Januari 2013


This is fucking sucks, one mistake, lead to another
No one will understand,we just nothing but dust
Trying to find a solid ground, but no one seems notice
Smile is the weapon, where we can hide the tears

Drag my self into my coffin, i need  lay my self for a while
Thy, locked my self with his desire
Dinner with morbid wine, Red lipstick woke me as seduction
Thy, Chain my lust with his anger

The sound of simplicity, Will you dance with me ?
His finger dance with me , giving a pleasure in my skinn
ohh it's just an ilussion,, none of my dreams is real
it's just a dream .

Now, let me close my eyes for a while
Don't take my hand when i'm gone
Keep your tears when i'm disappear
From dust to dust ,its just me

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