Rabu, 23 Januari 2013


Eternal Forest

Surrounded by the darkness,
Everybody is so heartless.
Your white dress is full of dirt,
The sharp thorns really hurt.

You see her dying over there,
A cold breeze touches your hair.
The snow burns on your bare feet,
A painful feeling you can't defeat.

You see her blood in the dirt,
And even her green skirt.
She wore it that day,
Another color turns to gray.

You wake up and nothing's there,
Just the feeling of despair.
She killed herself,
But she also slayed yourself.

The cold knife in your hand,
You cut off your armband.
Now your blood is flowing,
It's still snowing.

You see her pretty face in heaven,
Your life is over.

written by Jenny Purdy

# I Know u gonna mad at me babe , but i love u *just sayin :P

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