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If people say that air is what we need for life instead of love, they're definetely wrong.
His presence is like the oxygen for me, the shoot that could make my nerves work properly.

"Hey, Stefan! Did you do your homework!?", Emily asked the boy who was standing in the corridor.

"Yup," Bla, bla, bla, my best friend is doing a chit chat with the boy I'm in love with for 3 months, and I'm standing next to her like I'm not existing!
"Okay, I'm going in now", I say to break that epic conversation as I'm walking into my classroom.

"Hey, Jenny! Wait for me!", Emily joged right behind me as she waved goodbye to the king of my heart.

Ough, this fucking hurts!

She's got blonde hair, a good body shape with a pretty face, damn perfect!
I know that she's perfect, every boy in our school falls for her, but why him?
The only boy I want now had a crush on her too?

What a perfect world!

Prince Charming with a beautiful princess

All the thoughts inside my head burnt my soul. I don't even know what Mr. Gerald is talking about in front of the class.
Finally! The bell is ringing, class is over, time to go to the bath room and to cry!


"Come on, Jen, it's gonna be fun!", Emily poisoned my mind, trying to get me out to go to the party.

"I'm not in the mood". A bunch of fashioned stuff chicks are picturing in my head. I'm not popular or pretty. While other girls are crazy about Justine Beiber, I'm in love with BVB. When those chicks trying to be Barbie, I'm comfortable with my gothic style, I'm just not like them.

"Jenny, please.." Emily's eyes are pleading now, I can't say no, with her face now. She has already made me to her slave. "Okay" Now throw away those puppy faces from you!". I sigh, muttering.

It won't take us long to get to Jamie's house, that's where the party takes place.

I look around when we enter the house. Jamie approached us and kissed Emily, made me want to puke.
Not even he realize that I'm standing next to Emily. "Come on", he murmured ,then he grabbed Emily's hands.

"Em?" I give her the 'don't leave me alone' look and as usual she's bringing out her puppy look
Damn Em, she left me, the crowd was filled with our friends but still. I feel lonely.

"Seriously, did you think it's a place for a satan worshipper?", a red haired chick started to bug me, and her Barbie sisterhood was making fun of me.

It's not that I'm afraid of them, but what's the point in getting into a fight with a bunch of stupid girls with no brain?

"Leave her alone!" a strong voice breaks the crowd.

Suddenly the time seems to move in slow motion, everybody in the room was staring at me, stabbing me with their eyes. The strong voice that locked those chicks in silent belongs to that beautiful boy, his sexy, tall body standing there, just like he can fight the world for me. I don't know what to do, all I know is that I need to get out of this hell.

For the first time in my life I feel like I need the air to breathe. Even when Stefan is around, or knowing that he defends me. I feel like I've lost.
I try to control myself, to walk with my head up. "We Are The Fallen Angels" played in my head. In that way I maintain my emotions. When I got out of the house, my steps lead me into a backyard, it's quiet out here, I love the darkness that surrounds me. I take a deep breath, close my eyes tightly, they don't understand me. Those people are NOTHING!

"Are you okay?", a warm voice put me in surprise. That's him, the one I love, the one I cannot reach, now he's standing in front of me and his eyes look at me.
Those bright eyes, the colour is between green and blue, so beautiful.

"If Emily asked you to look out for me, seriously, you didn't have to" I try to look stern. I know Em and with her charm can do Anything to anyone!

"Yes, she asked me. And she also asked me not to hurt your feelings" Ahh, that bitch! I'm going to kill her!

"But I can't keep it any longer, I have feelings for you, Jen." Eh? It's a joke. No doubt! Stefan had feelings for me? I refused to believe, but his eyes seemed to tell the truth!

"Yeah, you are pitty on me." I shrug. Murmuring.

He grabs my shoulder, ans suddenly, his big arm is wrapping my body as he pulls me against his body. I gasp. Didn't know what to do when I saw his face only an inch away from me. Slowly but surely, his tongue got between my lips.

kissed me deeply.

Whoa! My body is trembling, and those stupid tears rolling down my cheeks.

"You are different, Jen. And that's what makes you special."

# You are is you,you are special for me and for every one around you.
 When you get lost, just remember BVB is fucking rock !! lol
 Thanks for editing Jen. I love you and always be around you  
 kiss and hug :)

and am sorry for my creepy grammar *JustSaying  

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  1. that;s it? just it? no o good lai out plan?? really?? wkwkwkwkkw.. thank Darl. as always.. stunning me with ur words.. :hug: