Sabtu, 05 Januari 2013

I am ME !

Be your self !!

I've heard it many fucking times
But only a little who got the balls
Act like super coolest peoples
Fake smile ,, just like your tities !!

So what if i am bitchy !?
I know when u get little tricky
Soul full of jealousy !
Act like a saint when you love to be kinky !!

You say you hate it but you love it !
You denied it but you want it !!
For all those drama ,,, Just stop it !!
You are nothin more but hypocrites !!!

I love speak my mind loudly
I am not trying being sexy
Not my business if my wardrobe breaking your policy !!
Do you really think I care with all your shitty ???
well you can kiss my Ass and leave me peacefully !!!

# what it is ??? This is the way my cracky head describing Two faces around us !! Lol *just sayin !! >,<

Ps : sorry for my creepy grammar ! But hey !! they all got their rhyme !! Lol

5 komentar:

  1. it's a good lyric for a song. why don;t u try to make one? i'd love to hear it. :D just sayin' :lol:

  2. Wahh out of my league sis ;) (ga nyampek otakku) ;)

    1. hauhauhauha... dinyanyiin Rap aja udah keren ini sist. meski nadanya acak kadut.. it's a kewl baby. ;)

  3. It's cool... I'd do love the way you think..